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How much does it cost?

If accepted, the course cost is £200. It actually costs a lot more than that to run School Of Thought but our wonderful sponsors help keep the cost low for you.

When does the programme run?

Every Monday and Thursday evening. Monday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Thursday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Each week will be hosted at a different leading agency in and around Leeds - Monday will take place on Zoom, Thursday you'll visit agencies in person.

What if I can’t draw?

You don’t need to. Your application will be judged on your ideas, not polished layouts. It can look like absolute rubbish, as long it gets your idea across.

Who is School Of Thought for?

Absolutely anyone!

We tend to see a lot of applications from copywriters, designers and art directors, but we get all sorts of people. School of Thought alumni include illustrators, filmmakers, content creators, social media managers, planners, strategists, account handlers. Take a look at a selection of our alumni.


I’m already working in the industry, is School of Thought for me?

Yes. 90% of our previous participants were already in the industry when they participated in School of Thought. If you’re in the industry and want to accelerate and develop your skillset, School of Thought’s for you. Take a look at a selection of our alumni.


Do I have to be based in the North?

No, you could be based anywhere as long as you can get to Leeds or Manchester for most Thursday evening sessions.


I might not be available every week / have a holiday booked?

Everyone misses some Monday and Thursday sessions but its strongly advised you attend as many sessions as possible to get the most out of the programme. If you miss a Monday you’ll be provided with the agency presentation and brief as usual. If you miss a Thursday you can submit a pre-recorded video of your idea or present at a future Thursday.

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